Indiana Democrats fought it for weeks by not showing up for sessions, but eventually the Repblican-led House of Representatives was able to pass a measure to make Indiana a Right-to-Work state. That bill will go to the State Senate where the Republicans have an even larger majority, and observers expect it to be signed into law by governor Mitch Daniels before the Super Bowl takes place in Indianapolis on February 5.

Assuming nothing stops that from happening, Indiana becomes state number 23 among the nation's Right-to-Work faction, but the first in the upper Midwest, known so well for its wide and heavily unionized manufacturing base that it's called The Rust Belt. According to a report in Automotive News, Governor Daniels points to VW's decision to build its plant in Tennessee as the reason for the legislation. In fact, he said Volkswagen wouldn't even return phone calls. "Why would that one company not even talk to us? I think I know."

Indiana's strong union presence didn't stop other manufacturers from setting up plants or maintaining plants there, such as Honda, Subaru and General Motors. But it appears Daniels took the VW snub especially hard and wants to sure that, if the threat of unionization really was the problem in that case, that it is never a problem again.

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