Never a company to hesitate when it comes to self-promotion, Tesla Motors has released a new video touting the upcoming Model S. Just a few minutes long, the video features Tesla's chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, and George Blankenship, Tesla's VP of sales and ownership experience (and former Apple retail strategist) speaking no evil about the all-electric vehicle.

The two men talk about how the Model S takes the idea of a car decades into the future, thanks to the wildly open design options that an electric powertrain gives you. Filled with close-up shots of the car and clips of it running down the road, we hear how great the car drives and how the company is "growing more excited every day to deliver this revolutionary car to our customers."

Yes, we've seen similar videos before, but now that we're living firmly in Tesla's "Year of Model S," it's a pretty safe bet we'll get more of the same before too long. You can watch the latest after the jump.

2012: The Year of Model S from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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