Lotus shows off slushbox equipped Evora S IPS

Lotus would like to sell more Evoras, and it's no secret that there are some customers who want to buy them, if not for the lack of an automatic transmission standing in the way. That hurdle's been cleared for 2012, with the Evora receiving the six-speed automatic that Lotus calls IPS, for Intelligent Precision Shift. Mechanically it is the same Aisin unit found in the Toyota Camry (paired with a supercharged version of Toyota's 3.5-liter V6) upgraded with Lotus electronics and actuators.

Company test driver Matt Becker gives it a whipping around the Lotus test track in the video after the jump. On top of the other upgrades the 2012 Evora gets, it doesn't look like anyone will be upset with the changes.

Lotus Evora Information

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