Aston Martin loves women, women love Aston Martin

If Aston Martin wants to make a sexy commercial, there probably doesn't need to be that much thought involved. All the ultra luxury brand needs to arouse the typical auto enthusiast is a collage of shots of the company's Vantage, Rapide or DB9.

That didn't stop Aston Martin from stocking its latest video creation with women, however, but it's not what you think. Hit the jump to watch Aston's 87-second-long featurette, which is titled "Aston Martin Loves Women. Women love Aston Martin."

The spot illustrates that women don't need a mini skirt to be featured in an exotic luxury car commercial, and that you don't have to be a guy to appreciate automotive beauty. And while the DBS rolling through the majestic twisties is a real looker, it's the sound bites that really get us going. Aston Martin may love women, and women may love Aston right back, but men are rather fond of 'em, too.

Aston Martin DBS Information

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