With the launch of the 2013 Fusion, Ford seems to have gotten the message that people are communicating in ways that are as sophisticated as the cars it's building. Ford doesn't expect you to leaf through a glossy brochure any more, or even sit at home on your computer researching your next automotive purchase.

All the pertinent details on the sharpest-looking sedan we've seen roll out of Dearborn in a long time are at fordfusionstory.com, a website optimized for tablet and smartphone viewing. The site went live on January 9, 2012, and provides overviews and deeper-dive information that's delivered through infographics, text, and video. With an easily shareable collection of elements designed for the way people communicate right now, Ford is showing that it takes selling the 2013 Fusion as seriously as the engineering and building part of the job.

The 2013 Fusion is bound to turn heads out in the wild. If that translates to people whipping out smartphones and coming across fordfusionstory.com, then the effort will have been a success. One thing's for sure, Ford's doing its best to leave nothing to chance, and all the pieces are in place. Check out some of the videos posted after the jump.

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