The Incredible Hulk drives... a Toyota Yaris?

As children of the '80s, we remember Marvel's What The–? series of comic books with fond memories. More recently, it appears the series has migrated to video on YouTube. Either way, playing parodies with Marvel's most beloved characters makes for a romping good time, and Toyota has decided to buddy-up with the comic producer to help sell the Yaris.

The first episode of the Marvel/Toyota universe features one Dr. Bruce Banner, also known as The Incredible Hulk. After a brief cameo by Red Hulk, Mr. Banner hooks up with Dr. Strange and the two of them go on a road trip. In a Toyota Yaris, of course...

Along the way, they happen upon The Punisher, and add a third wheel to their roving band of superheroes. Oh, and they decided to head for Cleveland, Ohio, which has become amazing. Trust us when we tell you it's all rather humorous. Click past the break to watch The Incredible Drive, Part 1.

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