Morgan pushes back EvaGT launch to incorporate advanced magnesium alloys

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Automakers delay the market launch of new products all the time. Particularly small automakers. But most of the time it's because the vehicle just isn't ready, not because they want to make it better than originally envisioned. Yet that's just what's taking place at Morgan.

The British automaker, steeped in tradition as it is, has reportedly received a significant grant from the UK government's Technology Strategy Board that will see Morgan directing a project to adapt a new magnesium alloy for use in an automotive chassis.

So rather than launch the new EvaGT – which was set to debut in production form at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this March – Morgan has opted to push the advanced 2+2's introduction back until 2014 in order to make the best use of the development. As a result, prospective buyers will have to wait a while longer, but when they finally do get their hands on the finished product, it promises to be lighter – and therefor better – than previously envisioned.

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