Nine minutes of supermoto action is our idea of a great infomercial

It's easy to forget the motivation behind Ken Block's ridiculous gymkhana video series. At the heart of the tire smoking action, Block is simply paying the piper. All of those drool-inducing slow motion shots of the stunt driver's old Subaru WRX STI and new Ford Fiesta feature a smattering of sponsor stickers beating their way into our psyches. Block has even gone so far as to call one of his gymkhana flicks an infomercial.

French Supermoto National Championship winner Sylvain Bidart has put his own spin on giving sponsors a shout out with a new video of his own. Bidart and the Luc1 team take a tour of their major sponsors, from Honda and Michelin to Ixon and Intermarche, and the video includes plenty of awesome riding inside the factories themselves. The result is nine minutes of awesome riding cleverly disguised as an advertisement. Or maybe that's the other way around. Either way, hit the jump to check it out for yourself. It's an advertisement we'll be watching over and over again.

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