There are some basic automotive shapes that we're trained to admire. The Ford Model T, for the impact an inexpensive car had on the American populace. The Volkswagen Beetle, for the way its revolutionary design rebuilt an industry in Germany. And the classic wedge-shaped Lamborghini, for the way it looks fast even while standing completely still.

One such Raging Bull is the Reventon. Produced in limited quantities at a cost of a million euros ($1.3 million at today's rates), the Reventon is a real-deal supercar capable of hitting speeds of over 220 miles per hour. But, like any proper Lambo, it doesn't need to be moving to get our blood pumping.

A group of specialists called The Media Merchants took one flat black Reventon into its studio for a session of projection mapping. We don't know what that means, but you can read plenty more about it here. What we do know, on the other hand, is that projection mapping can result in some beautiful images captured on video. See for yourself after the break.

The Lamborghini Project from The Media Merchants on Vimeo.

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