Paul Stender returns with cruise missile-powered Impala [UPDATE]

It was the urban legend to top them all, the one every car guy wants to be true: Dude straps a jet engine to his Impala and goes for the ride of his life, which, of course, ends with his death.

Even though it dates back to the 1960's, according to rumor-debunking website, it was the first big Internet-fueled urban legend, spread across the world in 1995 by then-novel e-mails with subjects like "Darwin Award Winner."

Of course, there's no such thing as the Darwin Awards. But now, finally, there is a JATO-powered Impala. The genius of race car driver Paul Stender, he of jet-powered port-o-potty and 350-mph school bus fame, this '67 Impala was conceived with the best intentions: Make the legend come true. And yes, we know the subject was covered in the very first pilot episode of Mythbusters, but they didn't use the right rocket, did they?

Click past the jump to see video of the rocket-powered beater Chevy.

UPDATE: The YouTube video has been removed at the request of Paul Stender, who claimed it was in violation of his copyright.

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