Don't forget to flush: 1,000 HP jet-powered port-o-potty

Paul Stender is a former NASCAR and Indy Car mechanic that loves speed. In fact, Paul loves going fast so much that the internal combustion engine has taken a back seat to jet engines, and everything in his Speed for Hire stockpile comes equipped with rip-roaring turbine power, even his port-o-jet.
That's right, we said port-o-jet. Paul's toilet on wheels comes equipped with a 1,000 HP Boeing jet engine, and it can reach a top speed of 70 mph. We are absolutely positive that this is not a fully functioning outhouse, mainly because during events, there are pyrotechnics spewing from the toilet. Both Paul and the toilet that goes like stink (we couldn't help it) are available for night events, so if you tend to throw your next party on a drag-strip, this is a must have. We think Thomas Crapper would be stunned.

If anybody has video of this contraption in action, let us know, we'd love to see it.

[Source: Speed For Hire via Top Gear]

Thanks for the tip, Derek!

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