Mini Connected Driving Excitement app taps ECU for performance data

Nearly every automaker is incorporating streaming music, social media functionality and other assorted apps into their infotainment systems, but one thing that's largely been missing is performance data. If you've got access to the ECU and can tap into an accelerometer, you've got the info, and now Mini is making use of it.

Driving Excitement is the latest Mini Connected app for the iPhone and it measures all the major performance parameters and more.

The Condition Check lets you keep tabs on engine and exterior temps, fuel level and whether the Sport button has been engaged, while the Force Meter visualizes longitudinal and lateral acceleration. The new Digital Sports Instruments takes over the nav screen to a display coolant temperature gauge, along with horsepower, torque and engine revs. And by entering the Excitement mode, you've got automatic access to web radio and Dynamic Music to keep the tunes flowing during your flogging.

Get all the details in the press blast after the break and check out the UI in our gallery above.
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Never lose sight of driving fun - thanks to the new functions from MINI Connected. The Driving Excitement app from MINI Connected displays sports instruments, car analysis and acceleration data on the on-board monitor.

Munich. What degree of lateral acceleration are you experiencing mid-way around a quickly-taken corner? How much output is the engine currently producing? The latest version of the MINI Connected app answers these questions and more. The functions Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sports Instruments offer Apple iPhone owners unique ways to experience MINI driving fun in even greater depth. For example, the driver can find information on the status of the car and its surroundings, plus acceleration, coolant temperature, engine output, and rpm and/or torque on the on-board monitor's high-resolution colour display. The new MINI Connected app underlines once again the leading role of the British premium small car manufacturer in the intelligent link-up of the driver, car and outside world.

Like the preceding versions of the MINI Connected app, the latest update is uploaded into the car via the iPhone. The MINI Connected app can be used in all current MINI models equipped with the radio MINI Visual Boost or MINI navigation system and MINI Connected option. The functions are operated using the MINI joystick, steering wheel buttons and on-board monitor, where the displays for each function are presented safely and with customary MINI flair.

The Condition Check function keeps an eye on – among other things – the engine temperature, fuel level, status of the optional Sport Button, outside temperature and signs of rain. Should conditions allow, the display in the on-board monitor proudly declares everything "BE MINI".

The Force Meter, meanwhile, presents a new and unique visual showcase for the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling. This function measures and records the longitudinal and lateral acceleration generated over a pre-defined timeframe when pushing on and braking, and through right and left-hand corners. The on-board monitor uses a virtual MINI to show the direction in which the forces are developing at any particular moment. The strength of the acceleration forces is displayed within a circle, with various segments illuminating to reflect the driver's responses at the wheel.

The Digital Sports Instruments turn the on-board monitor into an attractive extension of the standard cockpit dials, presenting vehicle data graphics in typical MINI style. In the centre of the virtual instrument the driver will find the coolant temperature gauge, while to the left the engine output currently being requested by his right foot is shown in the form of a bar chart and concrete figures. Displayed in the same form on the right of the temperature gauge is the engine's current rpm or torque, according to driver preference. The output and revs/torque data are presented in drag indicator mode so that the maximum values achieved remain visible in the display for a short time after the driver has taken his foot off the gas. The driver can choose to have output shown in either kW or hp. The MINI Connected app for the iPhone also includes a detailed tutorial outlining the fundamentals of skilled, sporty and, above all, safe driving.

The new functions of the MINI Connected app can be activated via a new mode selection route. The focus in Excitement mode centres on the driver and his MINI, with the aim of injecting as much go-kart feeling as possible into the driving experience. When the audio function is activated, the driver can make the choice between web radio and Mission Control/Dynamic Music. All other functions are deactivated in this mode, but can still be accessed by switching to MINIMALISM/Infotainment mode.

The new MINI Connected app is the latest example of innovative infotainment technology designed to enhance the enjoyment of driving. MINI Connected takes the in-car integration of telecommunications, entertainment and online functions offered by the latest smartphones into a new dimension, and uses intelligent networking technology to create a scope of in-car infotainment functionality unmatched in the automotive world. The existing range of MINI Connected functions, which can be activated in the usual way in MINIMALISM/Infotainment mode, include a web radio function, in-car use of Facebook and Twitter, reception of RSS news feeds, use of Google services, the Mission Control and Dynamic Music functions, and the MINIMALISM Analyser. With each new app update, MINI Connected offers customers the option of integrating new services and functions into their car. The uniquely future-proof MINI Connected technology therefore gives customers the reassurance that they will continue to benefit from fresh entertainment, communications, navigation and information innovations as they become available.

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