Honda N Concept 4 is production-ready cuteness

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Remember Honda's nifty EV-N concept from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show? Honda has updated it for 2011 in the form of this, the N Concept 4. Like the EV-N, this showcar harkens back to Honda's original N series of minicars from the 1960s, typified by the N360.

The N Concept 4 was a surprise presentation from the automaker, and while Honda is not yet issuing further details about it, officials tell Autoblog that this car will go into production next year as the next model in its growing N series of Kei cars. The production version will undoubtedly be powered by a 660cc gasoline engine, though whether it will receive some sort of forced induction is an open question.

We love the car's mix of rounded features as they disguise the overall form's boxy proportions and we hope Honda can find a way of preserving the N4's bright-eyed, friendly face when they make the inevitable switch to production lighting. Check out all the cuteness in our high-res gallery.

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