Senator Corker heckled at GM Spring Hill plant ceremony

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) met a tough crowd last week at a ceremony announcing General Motors would once again produce vehicles in Spring Hill, Tennessee beginning next year. Autoworkers attending an event at the manufacturing facility booed and jeered Corker during his speech. According to The Detroit Free Press, the senator listened to the unruly crowd for nearly 20 seconds before saying, "I think everyone knows we've had our differences in the past. And I can tell today that's fine with you, and it's fine with me." The lawmaker then went on to urge the autoworkers to strive to make GM great once again.

Corker led the fight against the federal government's automotive bailout in 2009. He also pushed for further wage and benefit concessions from the United Auto Workers as part of the rescue package. Those efforts had a direct impact on many of the workers in attendance at the Spring Hill ceremony, and The Detroit Free Press reports that many employees at the plant feel Corker's work didn't do much to keep the plant from going dark earlier this year.

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