Renault Twizy says hello to Paris in Colette store window

It's not often that an automaker says this about its own car: "It looks like a toy and drives like a toy." Sure, Renault follows this up with, "but it isn't a toy," but by that point the message has been delivered: the all-electric Renault Twizy is not your usual vehicle.

Maybe that's why a Twizy is going to be sitting in the Parisian high fashion concept store Colette for five days next month, attracting customers with its unusual looks. Renault says that the Twizy is an "authentic UDO, or 'Unidentified Driving Object', worthy of the best science fiction films." Once drawn in by its quirky tractor beam, customers can reserve their Twizy right in the store (get details on the car here). Because who doesn't want an EV with their fancy make up?
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Renault Twizy electrifies Colette

November 22, 2011

The Colette store in Paris is exhibiting Renault Twizy in a window display from December 5 to 10, 2011
In a world premiere, Colette customers can check out and reserve the most original of electric vehicles

The full-electric Renault Twizy is a true automotive art work and also a concentrate of innovation. The vehicle's tubular chassis and plastic body make it an authentic UDO, or "Unidentified Driving Object", worthy of the best science fiction films.

Yet Renault Twizy is a reality today. And what better ambassador than Colette, with its well-known penchant for "playful minimalism", for this revolution in design and zero-emission mobility?

Renault Twizy, the electric avant-garde

It looks like a toy and drives like a toy – but it isn't a toy. Twizy, developed by Renault Sport Technologies, is an amazing vehicle that combines the best of the car and the bicycle. It has all the agility and ease of a two-wheeler but boasts the safety, comfort and practicality of a four-wheeler. 100% electric and so 0% polluting, Twizy is the ideal solution for short urban trips.

With the acceleration of a 125 cc scooter, Twizy is a little racer with a velvet touch. It is completely silent and can be parked anywhere, even perpendicular to the sidewalk. Safety-wise it is equipped as standard with a driver's airbag, four-point seatbelts in the front and three-point belts in the back.

In open and semi-closed version alike, Twizy keeps you in touch with the outside world. And desperate searches for gas stations are over, as Twizy can be charged on a regular socket at home, in your parking space and in parking lots. It takes just three and a half hours for a full charge, bringing you 115 km range, more than enough for urban use.

Colette, the leading concept store

colette first opened its doors in March 1997 situated along 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Aimed at reinventing the concept of retail, the seven-hundred square-meter establishment, adopted the tag line "styledesignartfood" to the business.

Having since been internationally recognized as a fashion mecca which successfully redefines a unique blend of modernity and innovation with a twist, essentially, colette is a world of its own spotlighting 2 ultra-creative windows and in-store merchandising displays which alternate weekly, inspiring and educating clientele from all walks of life.

Spanning three levels, customers are invited to encounter the colette experience, that of which comprises a never ending assortment of high-tech chrome arts and luxe jewelry, a specialist music/dvd library, a rare and exclusive book and magazine collection, a second-to-none beauty counter, an art gallery, a superbly chic mix of fashion labels, and a downstairs water bar (for those who like to dine in between shopping stints!).

The e-shop presents everyday our new products, with our crush selection in the news section. Find all our news, events, and special projects and also our blog section. Follow virtually the everyday life of our store, this is the target of

The colette concept reflects is a mix of new or hard-to-find products from around the world, all of which cater to an ever evolving mix of genres and tastes alike. Customers consider colette as a visionary meeting point, an house which accommodates new labels, exclusives, limited-edition products and high-quality brands, from both the past and present. Always the same, Never the same. This is what defines colette.

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