Officine Autodromo places the spirit of vintage Italian racing on your wrist

Some watchmakers seek out automotive associations – typically in the form of licensing agreements with automakers or racing series. But some just have octane just dripping from their cogs. Like this latest collection from Officine Autodromo.

The brainchild of industrial designer Bradley Price, the Officine Autodromo launch collection consists of three models – Veloce (Italian for "speed"), Brescia (named for the Northern Italian town that forms the start/finish line for the Mille Miglia rally), and Valelunga (for the racing circuit outside of Rome).

Each features a dial inspired by the instruments on 1960s and 1970s Italian racing cars, a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement (with date window) and a 42-milimeter case in brushed or PVD-coated stainless steel. The perforated black leather wrist straps mount directly into the round case, not unlike the four-figure Manometro timepieces offered by Giuliano Mazzuoli, but far more accessible with prices pegged at $425. Check them out in the high-res image gallery and the press release after the jump.
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Inspired by dashboard gauges from vintage Italian sports cars, Autodromo timepieces recall a golden age of motoring when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger. Autodromo blends a contemporary minimalist design sensibility with mid-century vintage character. The result is a watch for the discerning individual who is equally at home in past and present. Each piece, crafted in small batches, features a Swiss Made Ronda movement inside a sleek, 42mm brushed stainless steel case and K1 Glass crystal with sapphire coating. Every detail has been carefully considered, from genuine leather watch straps, perforated to recall the look and feel of vintage car upholstery, to the beautifully appointed gift box and individually numbered aluminum warranty card.

Veloce, which means rapid, or speedy in Italian, is inspired by a classic 1960s rev counter. Featuring distinctive "redline" markings on the dial, Veloce looks fast even when you are stuck in a business meeting.
Available in Stainless Steel or Black case.
MSRP -$425
Pronunciation: VE-LO-CHAY

For nearly 50 years, Europe's most diffi cult and fearsome road race was known as the Mille Miglia. Its serpentine 1000 mile route encircled all of Northern Italy, but it always started and ended in the same ancient town in the Northern Italian alpine foothills. The name of this town is Brescia. The Brescia watch speaks to time-honored elegance and simplicity. Its clean, understated look is the perfect complement to a tailored Italian suit.
MSRP - $425
Pronunciation: BRE-SHA

Vallelunga is a beautifully minimalist watch inspired by racing tachometers used in many Italian
Prototype and Grand Prix racing cars of late 1960s and early 1970s. Located 20 miles outside of Rome, Vallelunga is a challenging road circuit designed by Italian racing legend Piero Taruffi . It was the site of many thrilling races in the 1960s and 1970s, featuring all of the legendary Italian marques.
Available in Black over Black or White over Stainless.
MSRP - $425
Pronunciation: VA-LAY-LOON-GA

Offi cine Autodromo was founded to recapture a romantic era of motoring. It was a time of Gran Turismo when driving from city to city wasn't just a matter of hopping onto an expressway. It meant slipping on your driving gloves for a high speed jaunt through the great roads of Europe with a powerful, sweet-sounding engine propelling you into new adventure, and maybe even a little danger. You can't be out every day, blasting through alpine passes and winding country roads, but with an Autodromo timepiece on your wrist, your mind can be motoring, even when you are in the dullest of Monday meetings.

Autodromo watches and accessories draw aesthetic inspiration from the world of mid-century auto racing. Our products have a vintage feel, alloyed with a clean, uncluttered modernist design philosophy. Each new product is conceived as an object that might have existed in the past, but is equally at home in the world of today.

Only the fi nest quality materials and the best Swiss Made movements are deemed suitable to go into an Autodromo motoring watch. And because we keep our batches small, we can ensure that each piece that goes out the door meets our exacting standards of excellence. Our goal is to offer beautiful design, attention to detail, and exquisite craftsmanship at prices that represent a smart allocation of resources. With Autodromo, you can live well and drive well.

The world of Autodromo is the creative vision of founder Bradley Price, an industrial designer who set out to craft unique products to express the spirit of motoring. Everything we do, from our motoring watches to the custom wrapping paper we ship each purchase in are designed in-house by our small, passionate team with the goal of creating a special and memorable experience for the discerning customer. That's our obsession.

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