Ambitious sales goals may push VW to consider more dealers

There are currently 588 Volkswagen dealers in the U.S., and in 2010 they sold 256,830 examples of the brand's products. Come 2018, however, VW plans on selling 800,000 vehicles here, and the current dealer body just won't be enough. In April of this year Jonathan Browning, head of VW of America, said there would be an "evolutionary" increase in dealers for the next couple of years, after which a "radical change" would be necessary.
Browning indicated that 2014/2015 would see the ramping up of dealerships. He predicted the brand to sell in excess of 300,000 cars this year and improve on that by a "double-digit" amount next year.

How many VW dealers might 800,000 units mean? In 1970, when VW set its sales record with nearly 600,000 units moved here, Wikipedia claims it had more than a thousand dealerships in the U.S. Dealer dynamics have surely changed in 41 years, but Nissan might be a guide: the Japanese maker sold a tad more than 800,000 cars here in 2010 and is said to have about 1,100 dealers in the U.S.

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