Bert and Ernie lend voices to TomTom, will guide you to Sesame Street

Sesame Street is teaming up with TomTom to provide family-friendly navigation narration courtesy of some of our favorite muppets. Bert, Ernie and one very special rubber duckie have been so kind as to lend their vocal talents to TomTom navigation devices. The trio are in good company. Darth Vader and Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson have both stepped into the recording booth to give TomTom customers a little entertainment over a long drive. If you like the idea of Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie leading the way, you can head over to the TomTom site to purchase the voice pack for $12.95.

That may seem a little steep to the penny-pinchers of the world, but listening to our childhood television friends may do much to diffuse road rage the next time we're stuck in traffic. Don't believe us? Follow the jump to check out a quick video of Bert and Ernie in the recording studio. We dare you not to smile.

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