McLaren MP4-12C avoids gas-guzzler tax, U.S. deliveries commence in January

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List price is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when considering the purchase of a new supercar. Never mind the premium you're likely to pay a speculator to avoid long waiting lists, or astronomic insurance rates, for that matter. If you actually plan on driving your six-figure exotic, you're going to be spending a whole lot on fuel, plus another chunk on gas-guzzler tax. Right?

Well, usually, but the latest intel suggests otherwise when it comes to no less a capable performance machine than the McLaren MP4-12C. While most supercars achieve dismal fuel economy figures – after all, that's not why they're bought in the first place – and are subsequently hit with the EPA's fossil-gulping penalty, the MP4 has reportedly managed to avoid it with (relatively) respectable fuel economy figures of 15 city/22 highway miles per gallon.

That's enough for the carbon-fiber wonder and its twin-turbo V8 to skip the extra tax, which just leaves more money for all the rubber you're bound to burn through while gleefully sliding Britain's finest around every corner in sight. It'll undoubtedly come as good news by January when the buyers lining up for the 500 examples bound for the U.S. market will begin taking delivery. That'll be taking place at a new network of dealerships, which will, incidentally, each display a vintage grand prix racer from the company's illustrious racing heritage, and you can check 'em out in the high-res image gallery below.

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