The quirkiness – i.e., stuff like this – continues. As a preview for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu has released images of the D-X, something called the Pico (above) and the FC Sho Case. As is totally expected, these concepts are heavy on the green, light on the possibility that they will eventually make it to production.

Still, let's humor Daihatsu and imagine that we may be able to one day buy these vehicles. What would that be like? Well, in the case of the door-less and window-less tandem two-seat Pico, it's a compact, clean little half car. The Pico is supposed to represent, "a new category of vehicle positioned between light automobiles and motorized bicycles," Daihatsu says. Target audience? "The aging population, regional locations and delivery businesses."

daihatsu dx concept daihatsu fc shocase

The D-X (pronounced "d cross") is a sporty little two-seater powered by a conventional engine, but a frugal direct-injection two-cylinder one. More interesting is the FC ShoCase, which is powered by "liquid fuel cells that contain no precious metals" that would be cheaper to produce than traditional fuel cells that rely on platinum and other expensive materials. If the van were ever to be manufactured. Which it won't. The FC ShoCase is still cool, though, even if it doesn't have any seats as far as we can tell.
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Daihatsu to Exhibit the D-X, PICO and other vehicles at Tokyo Motor Show
November 9, 2011

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) plans to exhibit four concept cars and eight production vehicles along with various technologies at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show which will be open to the general public from Saturday December 3 to Saturday December 11, 2011 at the Tokyo Big Sight venue in Tokyo.

For this year's Tokyo Motor Show Daihatsu has adopted the slogan "Big Answer from Small," and through each of its exhibits will express its roadmap for technological innovation that everyone in the world can enjoy in a compact car style.

Among these exhibits, the D-X ("d-cross") is characteristic of tough and aggressive styling which exudes a one-of-a-kind presence. Its specifications can be modified into a variety of types by swapping out parts of its resin-based body. With the D-X, Daihatsu offers a driving experience with that sense of oneness between person and vehicle that only a compact car can provide, together with a new form for a sports car.

Under the hood, the D-X sports a two-cylinder engine with direct-injection turbo. With this engine, Daihatsu has pursued conventional technology and struck a balance between the joy of driving and fuel-efficiency.

The PICO two-seater electric vehicle represents a new category of vehicle positioned between light automobiles and motorized bicycles. The PICO has been developed as a model offering the appeal that only a compact car can provide to accommodate social and environmental changes such as the aging population, regional locations and delivery businesses.

The FC ShoCase, developed as a zero-emission next-generation mobility solution, employs a next-generation unit equipped with liquid fuel cells that contain no precious metals. With this offering, Daihatsu suggests new possibilities for a compact car as a zero-emission vehicle that leads the way to a secure and free energy future.

In addition, Daihatsu will also be exhibiting the Mira e:S in a special color as a show car.

Show Cars

1. D-X
Daihatsu's proposition for a new aesthetic of sports car that exerts a one-of-a-kind presence
The D-X is a new kind of a sports car, one that can be used in ordinary or extraordinary ways.
- Creative styling which is tough and aggressive
- An interior with a Spartan feeling
- Resin-based body allowing owners to enjoy a multitude of variations
- New two-cylinder turbo engine that provides a new feeling behind the wheel

A newly-imagined two-seater EV commuter offering snug closeness with people and the environment
Daihatsu's proposition for a new vehicle geared to the times with an aging population, regional locations and delivery businesses, offering the appeal that only a compact car can provide while accommodating changes in society and the environment
- The ultimate vehicle for personal use which is ideal for short trips on a daily basis
- A layout featuring large openings and a low, flat floor that makes it easy to get in or out
- A front-and-back two-seat configuration designed for ease of use in small and narrow spaces
- Driving assistance with advanced radar

3. FC Sho Case
A zero-emission next-generation vehicle equipped with compact liquid fuel cells ideal for a light automobile
- A next-generation FC car equipped with Daihatsu's original rare metal-free liquid fuel cell technology
- A new, compact FC system ideal for a light automobile which uses liquid fuel
- A low-cost fuel cell stack that eliminates resource issues by using no rare metals
- Uses liquid fuel with a high energy density to enable a long range
- A new platform which offers a high degree of freedom and produces a compact fuel cell system that can be fitted to the underfloor space
- Equipped with a body that has the versatility of a flat floor, free space is created with the stowage of the steering wheel and seats.
- Measures 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide and 1,900mm high, with a 2,450mm wheel base

4. Mira e:S (Special Color)
Daihatsu's third eco car achieving fuel efficiency and low-cost operation on par with a hybrid vehicle
- As a special color, painted in blue metallic that shows various changes in color depending on viewing angle
- A bright color which is suggestive of the blue sky, it embodies environmental friendliness and fun.

Production Vehicles
1. Mira e:S
2. Move
3. Tanto
4. Tanto WELCOME SEAT (rotating and sliding seat fitted on specially equipped vehicles to
facilitate boarding and exiting the vehicle) 5. Tanto Exe Custom
6. Mira Cocoa
7. Copen

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