TV's Chuck to fight crime driving a Monotracer [w/video]

If you were a regular-grade geek and Stanford dropout failing to live up to the lofty expectations of your family, then turned into one of the most intense crime-stopping government agents in the world, what would you drive?

If you ask Chuck Bartowski, lead character of the hit NBC television series bearing his name, the answer might be the Peraves Monotracer. According to our friend Stefano Paris, the innovative motorcycle-ish machine (two wheels in tandem with dual outriggers) will be making an appearance on the episode of Chuck (Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips) that will air this Friday, November 11, 2011.

For those unaware, the Monotracer is the gasoline-fueled version of the E-Tracer that won the Automotive X-Prize in the Alternative Class – Tandem. Though it does need fossil fuel to operate, Peraves says it manages the performance of a superbike with the fuel economy of a small car.

If you're a Chuck fan, you might want to check out the video trailer for the upcoming episode after the break... even though it sadly does not include any footage of the Monotracer. We'll see if anyone uploads a clip of the unusual – and difficult to drive – vehicle on TV over the weekend.

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