Hands on with Cadillac CUE

We just wrapped up our first hands-on with Cadillac CUE, the luxury automaker's attempt at a modern, fully-integrated infotainment system for the upcoming XTS, ATS and refreshed SRX.

First impressions are favorable, although in its current form the system is still very beta in both execution and response. However, the core tenants of the system – a capacitive screen with multitouch control and proximity sensors, capacitive center stack buttons and a configurable instrument panel – are all functional and incredibly slick, despite some slow responses and awkward transitions.

Cadillac's electronics and HMI team have been working on CUE for the better part of four years and their efforts show. And with daily builds of the system being developed and deployed, they're well on their way to having the system ready for prime time when the XTS arrives early next year. Get a taste of CUE in action in the video after the jump and look for an animated cameo of the XTS towards the end.

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