Chevy Volt owner tackles Fox's Neil Cavuto on his home turf

To say that conservative commentators have had it in for the Chevy Volt is putting it mildly. Rush Limbaugh labelled the Volt a terrible product, undeserving of its many car of the year awards. Fox News claimed that American taxpayers were subsidizing the Volt to the tune of $81,000 a copy. Right wing bloggers have labeled the Volt's "effective gas mileage" as 27 mpg. For some on the right, the Volt has become a hated, rolling symbol of union labor, environmental awareness and government intervention in the market.

But no one, no one, has spent as much time boiling about the Volt as Fox's Neil Cavuto. Cavuto has gone off on the Volt as a vehicle that "doesn't work" and "the dumbest thing I've ever seen." He's claimed it's defective, that it's failing as a product, and that no one is buying Volts but the government. He has even claimed the Volt leads to divorces. Seriously. For a Volt owner, volunteering to discuss the car on Cavuto's show is like signing up to talk up your favorite BBQ joint at a vegan convention.

However, new Volt owner Eric Rotbard not only dared step into Cavuto's den, he left the EV-hating host without a lot of room to attack. As Green Car Reports described it:

By the middle of the interview, Cavuto is clearly troubled by his inability to catch his guest out, and goes for the jugular: the topic of range anxiety. But instead of catching his guest out, Cavuto betrays his own ignorance on the car.

"So when you are on the road, or you take a longer trip, where do you charge up?" questions Cavuto, obviously trying to imply that the range-extended plug-in hybrid can't cope with long distance trips.

Despite the many taunts Cavuto tosses over the course of the interview (including asking if the car has a hole in the floor like the Flintstones, so it can be pushed when it stops running) Rotbard kept his cool throughout; a good lesson for anyone confronted by those pre-disposed to somehow see a vehicle as a political affront. Watch the video after the jump.

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