Rush Limbaugh and Fox News might not like the Chevrolet Volt, but Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will gladly go to bat for the car and for General Motors. She did just that at the Center for American Progress recently after being asked about Limbaugh's comments by Think Progress, saying:
It's just un-American. I can't believe that somebody would say this about this American product. He hasn't even driven it. He hasn't sat in it. You know, why wouldn't you be supportive of American manufacturers building American vehicles with American workers, who now have jobs as a result of this. Why wouldn't you be supportive of that? It is mind-blowing to me. And of course, the public is getting paid back. You know, GM has paid back the loan – the bottom line is, is this is a good news story, and somebody who would twist it to be something negative obviously has another agenda. Which we all know he does.
The State of Michigan and Granholm have been strong supporters of the auto industry (how can they not be?), and GM has responded by making the Volt as much of a Michigan car as it can. The battery pack will be made in Brownstown and the Volt itself will be put together in Hamtramck. Design and testing, of course, have been done at the GM facility in Warren, and even some of the non-GM parts will be produced in the state, like the battery cells, which will be made in Holland, MI once that plant gets going by 2013. So, this whole tiff is unsurprising, but worth noting. Watch a video of Granholm's remarks after the jump.

[Source: MLive, Think Progress via Energy Boom]

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