Shelby SuperCars working toward new Washington state factory

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So many independent supercar operations have disappeared as fast as they've sprung up. But Shelby SuperCars is out to make a name for itself. Not only did the upstart manage to challenge the likes of Koenigsegg and Bugatti for top-speed supremacy with its Ultimate Aero, but now it's coming back with its stunning new Tuatara.

While the Ultimate Aero has been built at a combination of facilities in California, Arizona and Washington State, SSC is apparently planning one central location to build the slippery Tuatara, details of which have just begun to arrive from local news media.

A 27,300-square-foot facility is being proposed in West Richland, Washington – the same city where the company is currently based – on a four-acres plot currently owned by the municipal government. The location would include manufacturing, a sales showroom and office space.

The local city council is set to vote on the proposal that would seek a $830,000 grant from the state government in order to develop the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the project that would, over the course of the next five years, create 54 new jobs.

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