How much CO2 does an electric car produce in a year relative to an average gasoline powered car or a modern clean diesel? What's the most efficient gas-powered car sold in the United States? The top diesel? The total U.S. gasoline consumption? The average miles per gallon of a Prius versus an Insight?

MoveBuilder has put together an excellent infographic that has all these values, along with such esoteric numbers as the fuel consumption of NASA's Crawler-transporter and how fast a person could pedal a bike if he or she could metabolize gasoline as efficiently as food (912mph, which would be a really good reason to stay clear of the bike lane).

Whether you want to know the top speed of the Buckeye Bullet, or the annual fuel cost of a Mini Cooper, it's all crammed into one tasty infographic after the break.
MoveBuilders Alt Fuel Chart

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