BYD says electric e6 delayed due to lack of U.S. plug-in infrastructure

It's coming in 2010. Scratch that. How about 2011? Oh shucks, that's impossible, too. Let's shoot for 2012. BYD Auto constantly alters the U.S. launch date of the electric e6 crossover. But this latest bit of info should relieve us of reporting further delays.

When BYD announced its U.S. scheme, the automaker claimed retail sales of the e6 electric MPV would start no later than December of 2010. Now, BYD is saying that its primary focus is on fleet sales, particularly of its electric eBus-12.

BYD says the e6 is constantly delayed because the U.S. lacks a sufficient charging infrastructure, even claiming that California doesn't have enough infrastructure. So, why won't we have to report further e6 delays? Because Micheal Austin, BYD's U.S. vice-president, told Bloomberg, "We still have ambitions to jump into the consumer market, but until the infrastructure issue is solved, why would we?" Given that the BYD can now declare the problem "solved" any time it pleases, we expect it not to do so until the e6 is ready.

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