Edo Competition tricks out the Porsche Panamera S with Hellboy kit

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The Porsche Panamera doesn't need much help in the performance department. Styling may be another matter, however. German tuning house Edo Competition has tackled both with its latest tuning kit.

Starting with the Panamera S, the package called Hellboy takes output from the 4.8-liter V8 up from 395 horsepower to 459 for a 4.6-second sprint to 62 and a 191-mile-per-hour top end. The rest of the package is rounded out with 21-inch alloys mounted to a suspension that's been lowered by 30mm, plus a full carbon fiber aero kit and a retrofitted interior.

We're not sure it helps the Panamera in the areas it needs it most, but juxtaposed to the, um, rather "decorated" girl with which it's photographed in the high-res image gallery (pay special attention to the text on her legs), it's suddenly looking quite tasteful by comparison. Details in the press release after the jump.
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Hellboy with 465 PS
edo competition presents the most powerful Panamera S with new aerodynamics
It could be straight from hell.

After the Panamera Turbo, Porsche's most powerful sedan, had already received a full performance and aerodynamics makeover from edo competition, the logical next step was to take on the 400 horsepower Panamera S.

We made use of our experience in aerodynamics and worked to make ideal use of the engine's power reserves, because added performance and better design really do bring about an extra helping of driving pleasure.

The output of the Panamera's direct-injected V8 engine was increased from 294 kW/400 hp to 342 kW/465 hp. This enables the Panamera to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of over 305 km/h (190 mph).

Engine: Driving a Porsche Panamera is nice enough. Hellboy, however, takes this experience to a new level. The power increase to 465 hp and a torque output of 550 Nm do their part to liven things up, the engine is far more eager and the whole car seems to have a penchant for speed. Thanks to the new, pressure-monitoring and self-adjusting exhaust system with butterfly valves, it's perfectly possible to keep things quiet and comfortable - but where's the fun in that? The newly developed header-back stainless-steel exhaust system features high-performance catalytic converters, high-flow mufflers and new tail pipes. As a welcome side-effect, the new system is about 35 kg (77 kb) lighter than the factory setup. Using two round exhaust tips struck us as a little unimaginative, which is why our interpretation features a billet aluminum, ceramic-coated and heat-resistant tail pipe that doesn't just look great on its own, it also integrates very well with the new carbon fiber rear skirt. Rounding off the engine modifications are an ECU recalibration tuned on the dyno and a set of high-flow air filters.

Aerodynamics: The newly developed carbon fiber front skirt with integrated daytime running lights also features enlarged air intakes for improved cooling. The new carbon fiber front lip increases downforce and the elegant side skirts add to the car's side profile. A new carbon fiber rear skirt along with the diffuser and fins, new side mirrors and fender vents enhance the vehicle's aerodynamics and looks. An old classic instead of a large wing: a ducktail spoiler, reminiscent of the legendary Carrera RS, completes the picture.

‚Less is more' was the guiding principle, especially since improved performance and a higher top speed were the focus of this build. The aerodynamic pieces were designed to be compatible with all Panamera versions, be it the V6, V8 or Turbo.

Suspension: A lot of power requires a lot of tire. To improve the car's handling and traction, we employed ultra-lightweight forged 21 in. wheels. The front wheels measure 9.5 x 21 and use 265/35 ZR 21 tires, the rears are 11 x 21 with 305/30 ZR 21 tires. An electronic lowering module that can bring the body up to 30 mm closer to the ground can be fitted on request.

Interior: Hellboy's visual impact would be lacking without a suitably exquisite interior, which is why edo competition has upgraded the cabin in a number of ways. New steering wheels, center and shifter consoles, pedals, seats or custom upholstery work, the possibilities are endless.

Verdict: Definitely straight from hell!

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