Land Rover Defender to soldier on until 2017

Autocar reports that the Land Rover Defender will be around a good bit longer than we thought. The vehicle may stay on dealer lots until at least 2017 thanks in part to a new 2.2-liter diesel engine that can meet more stringent EU6 emissions standards. Originally, a successor to the long-running Defender was expected to show up as soon as 2015. Land Rover also says that there may be a loophole in the emissions legislation that could keep the standard from applying to the globe-crushing SUV until a much later date.

But emissions legislation wasn't the only thing pushing the Defender out the door. With its abrupt, vertical grille, the vehicle couldn't help but fail new pedestrian collision tests. Even so, Land Rover may have found another exemption that may save the Defender from the ire of lawmakers until 2020 on that front. Given the small number of Defender vehicles running around, we can't help but think that's all good news.

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