UK transportation secretary urges cash-strapped motorists to "buy electric"

Here's one we'll file under "For Sh*ts and Giggles."

Former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond told Auto Express that cash-strapped motorists in the UK, those that can't afford soaring fuel prices, should "buy electric." That's interesting: Cash-strapped? Buy Electric! Hmm...

That was Hammond's message after Auto Express quizzed him on the UK's effort to reduce pump prices. Hammond, who spoke at the launch of Polar, told guests, "You can't force people out of their cars or place drivers on the naughty step, as our predecessors did." When Auto Express suggested to Hammond that soaring fuel prices were doing exactly that, the former transport secretary instead blamed big oil:
The increase in fuel prices is a function of global oil prices, it's not driven by policy. ... People should look to new technologies. Electric cars are very cheap to run and allow motorists to drive guilt free.
Sure, electric vehicles are typically cheaper to operate, but should cash-strapped individuals really be urged to buy über-expensive electric rides. What's the break-even period for a $50,310 Nissan Leaf (its cost in the UK)? If cash-strapped motorists want to buy a new car, doesn't it make some sense to suggest they buy something like a $10,993 Nissan Pixo, instead? Or should the government be pushing for more car-sharing services? Drop us your thoughts in Comments below.

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