It's time for the UK to go Polar. That's the name of a new scheme that calls for a UK-wide network of plug-in vehicles charging points to be installed. What's even more interesting is that every penny of the Polar initiative comes not from the government, but from private investments.

The scheme, which is backed by Chargemaster, will install residential charging points for a fee of only £95 ($149 U.S. at today's exchange rate), provided that users agree to sign a two-year contract with a monthly fee that ranges between £19.50 ($30.59) and £39.50 ($61.96).

In addition to residential chargers, the Polar scheme calls for up to 4,000 public-use charging stations to by installed throughout the UK by the end of 2012. Use of the public chargers will cost 95 pence ($1.50) per fill-up.

UK Transport minister Philip Hammond is understandably pleased with the deal:
Today's announcement by Chargemaster is exactly the kind of private-sector-led initiative that we need to drive the development of our national recharging infrastructure. The Government is unlikely to invest further in such matters after it had offered the low-carbon vehicle grant of up to £5,000, and would be leaving schemes such as this to private companies.

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