Ouch: Nissan raises Leaf MSRP in UK by £2,000 ($3,238 U.S.)

Beginning March 1st, the price of the Nissan Leaf in the UK will rise by 6.9 percent, which equates to an increase of £2,000 ($3,238 U.S. at the current exchange rate), driving the Leaf's sticker price up to approximately $50,310 before incentives. According to Nissan, the price increase is mainly due to rising costs of raw materials, which somehow impacts the Leaf's sticker price more than the automaker's other models.

The disclosure on Nissan's official UK Leaf Facebook reads like this:
There are several key reasons why the cost of the Leaf has had to be increased. Firstly, an increase in the cost of Raw materials - there has been significant inflation in the cost of raw materials which has meant that most Nissan models will be included in this price increase (maximum of any other model is 1.8%). Also exchange rate fluctuations has played a part on the price increase.
Additionally, the UK Nissan Leaf reservation site has been updated to reflect the price increase with this disclaimer notifying potential buyers:
Reserve your Nissan Leaf now with a fully refundable deposit of just £257 ($416 U.S.). Price change effective March 1st. Existing orders will keep current price. Pre-orders placed before March 1st will attract current price. All orders placed after March 1st will be subject to price increase.
So, UK Leaf intenders, the message seems to be to order now for the best price

[Source: Nissan UK, Leaf Talk via All Cars Electric]

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