'92 Honda Civic thinks its a Veyron, makes us chuckle

Dressing up budget hatchbacks to appear to be something more than they are seems to be all the rage these days. Toyota iQ becomes Aston Martin Cygnet. Mini Cooper becomes the Rolls-Royce-inspired Goodwood edition. Even the Fiat 500 has had its Tributo Ferrari. But while most of these kinda make our eyes roll a little (or a lot), this latest privateer entry into their ranks just makes us chuckle.

Someone, it seems, took a fifth-generation (1992-95) Honda Civic hatchback and dressed it up to look like a mini-me Bugatti Veyron, complete with two-tone Rape Yellow and black paint job. And you know what? It doesn't look half bad.

Sure, the wheels don't match, and yes, it is downright comical to dress up a car that should barely sell for more than $2,000 to look like one that costs over a million. But while it may be missing a few cylinders – make that a few cylinder banks, and the quad turbos – it manages to tickle our funny bone in a way few other gussied-up premium hatchbacks can.

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