Bugatti launches new online configurator... complete with Rape Yellow

Looking to kill some time? Online car configurators are sure to do the trick, and one of our favorites is Bugatti's. The ultra-luxe exotic automaker lets you specify from a staggering array of colors and options, and have recently launched a new version with even more choices than before.

Astute reader Bryan was playing around with the new web feature and found he could customize the colors on even the smallest detail. Say, the air intakes, for example, which needn't be the same color as the body or any of the other details, but can be painted in any of a hundred or more different colors. Including "Rape Yellow".

Now Bugatti didn't make up this color. It takes its name from a yellow flower, known in Latin as Brassica napus and in English as the rape, from which we get rapeseed oil. Since "rape" (to most people at least) doesn't have such a wonderful connotation, the oil is often referred to as Canola. Would Bugatti do well to do the same? Follow the jump to see how Bryan, whom we thank for the tip, stumbled upon this little gem.

[Source: Bugatti]

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