Crazy Swedish man jumps over speeding Lamborghini

There are some who get paid to soar above us mere mortals, professional jumpers. Basketball stars like Kobe Bryant, martial arts movie stars like Jackie Chan, even NFL players like Calvin Johnson who have made reputations with their vertical leap. Then there are crazy people, like "Al the jumper."

Throwing caution and any semblance of good judgment to the wind, Al jumps over moving vehicles. Lots of them, seemingly often. A Lamborghini Gallardo, a Mercedes SLK, a Nissan 300ZX – the guy may be nuts, but he does seem to have impeccable taste in sports cars.

His YouTube videos prove he's a pretty decent gymnast and the guy can, of course, dunk. One of his homemade highlight reels implores Nike to hire him, although we also see what happens when he mistimes his jump over a speeding car. Let's just say that Al and asphalt are well acquainted.

Which bring us to the (hopefully) obvious conclusion we've drawn after watching Al's uploads: Please, don't try this at home with your own Lambo.

All the videos, including his most recent and famous jump over a Lamborghini Gallardo, can be viewed after the jump.

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