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Vygor Opera is Italy's latest attempt at the performance crossover

Look, we get it. Alright? In order to stand out in the Italian auto industry, you need to do something a little different. But crossovers are not the country's strong suit. Supercars, sure. Superminis, too. Just not crossovers.

Not that that's stopped an endless barrage of attempts, though. And with mixed results: think of the Fornasari, the De Tomaso Deauville and the latest Maserati Kubang. Hardly the finest examples of Italian automotive design, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. And this is the latest entry.

Called the Vygor Opera, this is the first proper look at the Tuscan upstart's first product after the teaser that dropped last week. The marque's name didn't give us much hope in the first place, but the vehicle we see here honestly just leaves us scratching our heads. It's something of a cross between an SUV and a GT, packing a two-door cabin on top of a high-riding chassis that makes the BMW X6 look marginally sensible by comparison.

Little in the way of details are available at this early juncture, but the Opera is said to ride on a tubular frame overlaid with composite and aluminum body work, independent double-wishbone suspension and unspecified powertrain options ranging from 300 to 400 horsepower. We'll be on the lookout for more as Vygor swings into the scene, but in the meantime, you can scope out the high-resolution images for a closer look at the most curious thing to come out of Italy since Lapo Elkann.

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