BMW celebrates 30th anniversary of the 5 Series with special edition for Japan

Hard as it may be to imagine for some, there was a time when there was no BMW 5 Series. Shocking, we know, but that was over three decades ago. The Bavarian mid-range staple is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, BMW is offering a special edition exclusive to the Japanese market.

The 528i 30th Anniversary Edition packs the M Sport aero package, matched to the blue color of the exterior, and interior options – including beige leather, satin walnut trim, head-up display, 16-speaker sound system with USB interface – plus aluminum window frames and tinted glass from the BMW Individual catalog and special door sill plates, all bundled as standard.

Only 200 units will be offered in the Asian island nation, with a price tag of ¥ 7,890,000 – equating to a little over $100k, or ¥740 (just $10) over the price of the standard 528i in Japan. Only the one image was released, but you can click to view it in high resolution. And while no press release was made available in English, you can follow the jump for the original text in Japanese, along with its auto-translated version.
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BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Editionを台数限定で導入

ビー・エム・ダブリュー株式会社(代表取締役社長: ローランド・クルーガー)は、同社設立30周年を記念し、BMW 528iセダンに特別な装備を盛り込んだ「BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition(サーティース・アニバーサリー・エディション)」を、全国200台限定で、全国のBMW正規ディーラーで本日より販売を開始すると発表した。

本限定車は、BMWならではのウルトラ・スムースな吹け上がりを誇る3リッター自然吸気直列6気筒エンジンを搭載、「よりクリーンに、よりパワーを。BMW EfficientDynamics(エフィシエント・ダイナミクス)」の設計思想に基づく一連のテクノロジーの採用によりエコカー減税対象車である「BMW 528iセダン」をベースに、お客様から好評を博しているM Sport(エム・スポーツ)パッケージ、革新的なドライバー・サポート・システム「ヘッドアップ・ディスプレイ」、迫力の600W/16スピーカー/5.1チャンネル・サラウンドの「HiFiシステム・プロフェッショナル」、BMW M社による至高の世界観を醸し出すBMW Individualインテリア・トリム等の特別装備を装備した。



BMW 528i
30th Anniversary Edition



¥ 7,890,000



BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Editionの特別装備品

ボディ・カラー: ディープ・シーブルー・メタリック*1
BMW Individualインテリア・トリム「ファイン・ウッド・サテン・ウォールナット・ハニーブラウン」
BMW Individualアルミニウム・ライン(サイド・ウインドー・フレーム・モールディング)
BMW Individualサンプロテクション・ガラス
BMW Japan 30th Anniversaryロゴ付き専用ドア・シル・プレート

*1: 通常生産ではM Sportに選択不可のカラーです。
*2: メーター・パネルの拡張機能付きブラック・パネル・テクノロジーを含みます。

BMW M社(M GmbH)について

ドイツBMW本社を親会社とするBMW M社(1972年設立)は、3つの事業分野から構成されている。1つが、スポーティかつ革新的、先進的なBMW M3などの高性能車および今回のM Sportなどに採用される専用部品の開発。2つ目が市販モデルには設定の無い特殊な色や素材、装備などを使用したBMW Individualプログラムによる車両の製造。3つ目が2輪および4輪のドライバー(ライダー)・トレーニングのカリキュラム開発および実施である。今回使用される装備の一部は、BMW M社による開発のものである。

BMW Individualについて

BMW M社が提供するスペシャル・オーダー・プログラムが、BMW Individualプログラムである。最も洗練された希少性の高い自分だけの一台を求める方のために、BMW Individualプログラムは、選び抜かれた最高品質の素材のみを使用した装備の数々、そして魅力的なカラー・コンビネーションを提供し、至高の一台を提供する。

Introduction of a limited number of the BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition

BMW Corporation (President: Roland Kruger) is a commemoration of its 30th anniversary, special equipment incorporates BMW 528i Sedan "BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition (Thirtieth Anniversary Edition) "a limited 200 units nationwide, announced it would begin selling a BMW dealer in the country today.

Limited car this is not if BMW is equipped with a straight-six engine, naturally aspirated 3.0-liter boasting up blowing ultra-smooth, "cleaner, more power. BMW EfficientDynamics (EfficientDynamics system entry dynamics)," a series based on the design concept of Cars eco-car tax that applies to the adoption of technology, "BMW 528i Sedan," is based on, M Sport has been well received by customers (M Sport) package, an innovative driver support system, "Head-Up Display "The speaker 600W/16 / powerful 5.1-channel surround" HiFi System Professional ", equipped with special equipment such as BMW Individual interior trim strike a view of the world's supreme by BMW M.

Manufacturers suggested retail price (including tax)




Suggested retail price

BMW 528i
30th Anniversary Edition

3.0 liter
In-line six

8-speed AT

¥ 7,890,000

The above manufacturer's suggested retail price, accessory price, taxes (except consumption tax), insurance, and retail prices include the expenses for registration. Also, "Automobile Recycling Law," will require additional fees based on recycling.

Right-hand drive specification.

Special equipment BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition

Body Color: Deep Sea Blue Metallic * 1
Veneto Beige Dakota Leather
BMW Individual interior trim, "satin walnut wood fine honey brown"
BMW Head-Up Display 2
HiFi system Professional (600W, 16 speakers, 5.1 channel surround)
USB Audio Interfaces
BMW Individual aluminum line (the side window frame moldings)
Sun Protection Glass BMW Individual
Door sill plate with only BMW Japan 30th Anniversary Logo

* 1: No color choice is usually produced in the M Sport.
* 2: Includes the black panel technology with the extension of the instrument panel.

By BMW M (M GmbH) on

BMW M GmbH and the German parent company headquarters BMW (founded 1972), which consists of three business areas. One, Sporty and innovative development, such as is employed only part of this cars and M Sport BMW M3, including advanced performance. The second production model is a special color or material is not configured, the production of cars by BMW Individual program using such equipment. 2-wheel and four-wheel drivers are third (LIDAR) • The training curriculum is developed and implemented. Some of this equipment is used, the company is developing with BMW M.

About BMW Individual

Special Order Program is provided by BMW M, is the BMW Individual program. For those looking to own one of the most sophisticated and highly rare, BMW Individual program, with many of the highest quality materials using only carefully selected to provide an attractive color combination and provides a single supreme.

BMW 528 Information

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