Man building Ford GT90 concept car homage in his garage

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One of our all-time favorite concept car from Ford remains the GT90. As a modern interpretation of the Ferrari-besting GT-40, the GT90 offered all of the early '90s angles we could stand along with a 750-horsepower V12 engine and a theoretical top speed of 235 miles per hour.

This is the kind of machine that middle-school day dreams are made of, and now Adam Pintek has set out to build a GT90 of his very own from scratch. Technically, the vehicle is simply a supercar with a striking resemblance to the old FoMoCo concept, but when Pintek is done, he should have a vehicle capable of besting some of the world's most legendary machines.

Over the past four years, Pintek has already hashed out around 80 percent of the body using molds designed to mimic the original design of the GT90, and he's currently partnered with a Formula race car builder to produce the chassis. The designer has chosen to forsake the big V12 for a forced-induction 6.2-liter V8. With two turbos serving up plenty of boost, Pintek is aiming for a whopping 1,000 horsepower. The mid-mounted engine will be bolted to a six-speed manual transmission that puts power to the rear wheels.

Pintek says that he hopes to see the vehicle in the final stages of development next two years. We can't wait.

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