Exclusive: Tesla Model S iPhone App [VIDEO]

It wouldn't be right for Tesla to be centered in Silicon Valley and not have the most future-forward technology a car can offer. Over the weekend we caught Tesla's killer smartphone app in the wild and it appears that they have completely nailed it. Add however many Tesla Model S sedans you own to the app and you can keep tabs on all of them in real-time. You can track their trajectories in real-time. You can independently adjust cabin temperature in real-time. You can also check battery charge status in real-time. (See what we are getting at?)

Click the image below to watch an exclusive video demo of the app:

The Apple/Android-like interface is simple and straight-forward. Of course, Tesla has recruited some of the top phonemakers' designers to work on the app.

The Model S is packed with technology that is nothing short of mind-blowing. And this is just the beginning. Also, be sure to check out video of our first drive with the Tesla Model S.

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