VW won't race in NASCAR, but pondering Indy Car and ALMS

Volkwagen has made it clear that the automaker has no plans to dive into NASCAR, but that doesn't mean that the company is turning its back on American motorsports altogether. According to, Wolfgang Durheimer, head of Volkwagen Group motorsports, says his company is currently investigating a number of U.S. competition venues, including the American Le Mans Series and Grand Am, as well as Indy Car and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. As you may recall, Audi took to Pike's Peak last year to show off the company's autonomous vehicle project, and Volkswagen has enjoyed good success in Colorado Springs with their diesel-powered Touareg race trucks.
In fact, TDB reports that Durheimer wasn't even completely against the notion of a NASCAR effort. Instead, the executive merely said that going full-bore into America's favorite motorsport would require too large of an investment and that those funds could be more successfully applied elsewhere. Of all of the options on the table, Durheimer has only completely nixed drag racing as a suitable Volkswagen venue. The executive is expected to bring his proposals before the automaker's top management soon.

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