Nissan's Twizy-based electric Mobility Concept to hit Japan's streets in October

Nissan New Mobility Concept
Nissan New Mobility Concept
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Nissan's Renault Twizy-based New Mobility Concept – an urban electric vehicle revealed back in November of 2010 – is just about ready to roam the roads in Japan.

On September 29, Nissan announced that seven electric Mobility Concepts will hit public streets in and around Yokohama, Japan as part of the automaker's urban mobility trial. The first batch of Mobility Concepts will be wheeled out October 15 and the second phase will kick off on November 17. That second stage is where local residents – and even tourists – will get to test the two-seat Mobility Concept on public roads.

Nissan's aim with these trials is to prove that the vehicle's maneuverability, compact dimensions (just 7.7 feet long) and zero-emissions driving at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour make perfect sense for most urban commuters. Seven vehicles should do it, no?

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