Audi giving tweeting fans R8 for a day... will you be next? [w/video]

Spending time with any iteration of the Audi R8 is a glorious occasion. Your life becomes brighter, and everyone you pass on the street feels a bit better about their day for just having seen one. Audi wants you to experience this for yourself, and you're going to need to flex your Twitter muscles to make it happen.

Using the hashtag #WantAnR8, Audi wants you to explain all of the reasons why you would, um, want an R8. Sounds silly, but it paid off nicely for Audi R8 fan Joanne McCoy. She spoke of her love of the sultry German sports car, and Audi promptly loaned her one for the weekend.

Audi plans to hand over the keys to a few more fans, and will also run the #WantAnR8 program during the upcoming Petit Le Mans race. Attendees at the racing event could tool around for a few hours in an R8 of their "own".

Click past the jump to watch Joanne spend some time with her favorite sports car.

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