Chrysler attacked for Playboy Club ads, doesn't back down

Back when it took a little more effort to organize One Million Insert-Group-Here, companies took news of boycotts a little more seriously. Now that kittens and baby polar bears can have more than a million Facebook friends and anyone can make the news, it might take more than cage rattling to get a firm to back down. This time it's the Parents Television Council (PTC) shaking fists at Chrysler because of The Pentastar's advertising during NBC's "The Playboy Club".

The PTC accuses both Chrysler and Unilever, the other major sponsor of the series premiere episode, of "mainstreaming pornography" and "helping to make adults-only material available in virtually every living room in the country." It goes on to accuse Playboy of "reducing a woman to a set of measurements to the exclusion of everything else," seeking "to lure young girls through pink, sparkly, bunny logo merchandise," and then blasts the show for "putting a sickening, glamorous sheen on an adult entertainment industry that destroys countless marriages and families." So there. In addition to the boycott and letter-writing, the PTC is urging concerned members of society to stop into dealerships and be heard.

Chrysler's response: "We recognize that not all advertising placement is liked by all individuals. We do not take this approach to offend, but we feel that it is important to deliver information about our products to a diverse and broad audience."

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