Latest Chevy Volt ads remind us that this car swings both ways

General Motors' latest pair of Chevrolet Volt commercials reiterate the plug-in's ability to switch between electric-only operation and "range-extended" mode – because people apparently still don't get that – by focusing on one fictional Volt owner's unexpected gas station stop.

The clips center on a Volt owner who swings by a gas station for a potty break, but instead of simply stepping out of his plug-in ride and making a mad dash for the bathroom, the Volt owner is stopped by a man and his son who question the Volt's appearance at such an establishment. Ain't that the way? It is when the public still doesn't quite understand how your product works, which GM hopes these commercials will help rectify.

Of the audience, General Motors asks, "Ever seen a Volt at a gas station?" Can't say that we have, but The General also reminds viewers that on those "special occasions" when a trip is a "little farther" than usual, the Volt can indeed be fueled with some range-extending gasoline.

At the close of the clips we once again see GM's tagline "It's More Car Than Electric," but "Electric when you want it, gas when you need it" appears as well. Follow the jump to check out GM's latest Volt spots.

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