Ford victorious in requesting legal reversal of $43M fatal crash judgment

In 2003, a Lincoln Town Car driven by John and Dora Jablonski burst into flames when it was hit from behind, the fire taking the life of John and severely burned Dora. The accident turned into a court case, which resulted in a $43 million judgment against Ford Motor Company. Now, however, that judgment has just been reversed.

Ford asserted that the design of the 1993 Town Car in question had nothing to do with the accident, and, in fact, met or exceeded all industry standards set at the time. The automaker points out that this was an unfortunate accident in which a distracted driver slammed into the Town Car at 60 miles per hour, and that the company should not be liable. After this new theory was argued, a jury agreed, and the initial judgment was reversed in favor of Ford.

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