BMW seeks 700 "Electronauts" for 2012 ActiveE test fleet

BMW is on a mission (not from God) to create something grander than just an electric vehicle. The German automaker's stated mission is to reshape history and "redefine the boundaries of the way we live, and the way we move."

The next step of the mission starts soon, using the all-electric 2012 BMW Active E. But first, BMW is seeking 700 mobility pioneers to lead this "all-electric era," specialized individuals who the German automaker has dubbed "Electronauts."

The steps to becoming one of BMW's pioneering Electronauts are simple. First, you'll fill out an Active E reservation form. Next, you'll complete a charging station consultation. Lastly, you'll sign a closed-end, two-year, $499-a-month lease. Follow the jump to discover, via a 90-second clip, what becoming one of BMW's history-reshaping Electronauts entails.

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