Raging Artists create a manly minivan commercial

The minds at Raging Artists are typically tasked with producing unique marketing spots for a variety of companies. The crew recently applied their creative minds to the world of minivans, and designed a spot they feel helps put the people mover in a light that appeals to the fathers of the world.

A dad is given orders to take the kids to school, and the family's Honda Odyssey to the car wash. Honda didn't commission the piece, but the Odyssey is clearly the star of this show. It's used to shuttle the father through a variety of tasks, only two of which were actually part of his original wife-mandated marching orders.

Click past the jump to watch the spot. Once you do, sound off in the comments and tell us if you think this is what minivan commercials are missing, or if something more along the lines of Toyota's Swagger Wagon spots are more appropriate.

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