CPP promises modern Jensen Interceptor

History lesson, folks. Those of you familiar with the classic Jensen Interceptor from the 1960s and 1970s can completely skip this introductory paragraph. For the rest of you, the Interceptor was a two-door GT Coupe (or convertible or hatchback) built by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976 in the UK. Powered by a Chrysler V8 ranging from 383 to 440 cubic inches (some even equipped with the famous Six Pack trio of two-barrel carburetors, and a handful of FF models included all-wheel drive), the Interceptor married a muscular drivetrain with bespoke, hand-built coachwork.

Suffice it to say, like many British enthusiasts, we have a very soft spot in our hearts for the original Jensen Interceptor, so when we heard that CPP, the company that already bought Bowler and is trying to acquire Spyker's sports car arm and Zagato, was working on a revival, our interest was piqued. The company is being contracted by Healey Sports Cars of Switzerland (another classic British marque), which apparently holds the rights to the Jensen name.

CPP says the car will be developed in Coventry and built at a new production facility on Browns Lane starting in 2014. There's no word on what will power the revived Jensen, but anything short of Chryser's 392 Hemi that powers the latest SRT8 models would be a bit of a disappointment. CPP promises to show the car off by late 2012, which is still a far way off, so here's hoping everything moves forward smoothly. Check out the rather fetching official renderings in our gallery and the press release after the break.

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