Lit Motors C1 enclosed motorcycle uses flywheel magic, not training wheels, to stay upright

The C-1 enclosed motorcycle from Lit Motors could change the transportation world in a big, big way. Yes, it may be a little early to make that sort of unqualified sweeping statement – the first drivable prototype won't be complete for another six months – but if everything works out as planned, prepare to be impressed, if not amazed.

You see, the two-wheeled all-electric all-wheel-drive C-1 combines the small footprint of a motorcycle with the comforts and safety of an automotive cabin to create an affordable, yet stylish, super-efficient vehicle. And it does it without holes in the bottom to poke your feet through à la Fred Flintstone or the retractable training wheels we've seen on another enclosed motorcycle.

How it accomplishes its magic-like balancing act is really the cool part of this machine's story. It does it with flywheels that deliver 1,300 pound-feet of stabilizing torque. Of course, if the discs always spun strictly on the horizontal, it would be a little tricky to actually turn the C-1 since you need to lean, so the C-1's brain takes the input from the steering wheel and other factors into account and alters its axes accordingly. Neato, huh?

In a phone interview, Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim told AutoblogGreen that once the company is building in volumes of 10,000 or more units, the price for the C-1 is expected to be around $16,000. That money gives you 0-to-60 in about six to eight seconds and provides a range of 150 miles.

Hit the jump for a nice little video from the company showing how the C-1 works and how it might be integrated into one's cosmopolitan lifestyle (including how it would deal with a computer-simulated broadside attack from a Nissan Leaf) and as well as a bonus clip from Smart Planet featuring Mr. Kim himself discussing his creation.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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