Cadillac ATS makes motion picture debut around 'Ring

Cadillac ATS
prototypes have been a lot more visible of late, and the future entry-level Cadillac appears to be spending a lot of its time over in Germany. Just last week, we posted a slew of cladding-free high-res ATS photos that revealed the tidy shape of the rear-wheel-drive sedan. Now we have video of the well-camo'd Caddy as it runs the famed Nürburgring – in a big, fat hurry.

Beyond the jump is very clean rolling footage of an ATS prototype as it goes hard through the corners with tires-a-smoking. If you listen hard enough, you can hear some high-revving engine notes, but with the screaming tires it's anyone's guess as to what's lying in wait under the bonnet.

With all the ATS news hitting the Interewebs of late, we're guessing the full reveal of the future little brother of the CTS isn't all that far off. Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself.

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